Get Adobe Flash player is the fruit of 40 years of experience of its director, josavere, working as an executive in companies from the most varied sectors and in all the fronts administrative, supplemented by more than 30 years as a professor lecturing at the Universities of Rosario, Central and La Salle in Bogotá; University of Antioquia, University of Medellín and EAFIT in Medellín, in addition to many extension courses in the major cities of the country, consultancies  complemented by the feedback received from the interdisciplinary groups that it has fallen lead, by writing to a language that is simple and practical to be understood by people without financial education.

We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals fully identified with the vision, mission and values of the organization, encouraged to provide service, conveying our knowledge and experience in a simple language.

Provide financial knowledge with a practical approach, taking advantage of technological developments and in simple terms so that the reach of the vast majority.

A portal allowing learning in analytical form, with practical applications applicable to any type of enterprise and natural persons; permanently updated and enriched by the contributions of experts and users who want to collaborate with development finance for the benefit of mankind.

Abundance ethical and moral principles in business for good:
  • Permanent Research
  • Respect with the concepts of the other authors
  • Originality and creativity
  • As soon as possible and simplicity
  • Opening mental
  • Criterion own
  • Quality to any evidence

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