Reinaldo Arroyave Lopera


Medellín, March 18, 1987.

My dear Saul

A few days ago, at the honorable invitation of very illustrious men from our country, I was reflecting on life today measuring, more with anguish than with objectivity, the torrent of human ambitions, the growing imbalance in opportunities, the deafness and the distance that are attached to the acquisition of power and that immense distance that exists in those who need and suffer and those who do not allow or they draw boundaries in their purpose of accumulating material goods or decision-making power. And in the very center of those two great groups, another even more numerous, - perhaps the most important-, watching how the storm passes, but without hearing or feeling it, and ignoring, hopefully that is not deliberately, that they, those of the medianship, are the ones who can point out the future course.

While resting from those meditations, I read a book and seemed to see myself in front of a group of students, expectant and active, masterfully oriented by you, towards the honest exercise of economic practices. But, although the dedications page is can read in an instant, I stopped at it, excited and happy. There is nothing that speaks more clearly of the human quality of any child of God, that his own capacity for gratitude. It is that you, when you thought that the fruit of your work would be framed in the relentless and enduring testimony of a book, the instinct of your origin, and your race. And when one points out, as a flag and as a shield, to those who nursed him, what they educated and loved him, he cannot be a victim of coldness or indifference. Blessed be the belly of Doña Inés and the sobering spirit of Don Emilio.

I found dear friend, as I am writing this letter under the influence of the winds opposites, don't bother about their inconsistency. Rather I beg you to search in it, to find it, that inevitable relationship between the things to eat and the food of the spirit. Myself before, but not now, when I saw the gray mornings, although the sky was clean and blue, I felt the fear of life and felt the need for him to force me to exist. Was when I believed, perhaps without reason, that my ordinary activities could be reduced to a blind and rude cult of money.

Now I know, from my apparent loneliness, that the life of every man has a sense of deep and infinite, as long as you have a useful message for others, and for every minute in that the soul feels ready to give itself and to live the route of the others.

It is a pity, for example, that you teach us, in your book, the exact way to measure things, there are many terms of reference that most people may not know because they are kept for the exclusive management of those who manipulate them on their own benefit. Hence the phenomenon that Fabio Echeverry recently pointed out, my good friend, about the chasm between business prosperity and the growing anguish of business leaders, in relation to human groups of indisputable preponderance. He did not mean by elegance, with that authentic sense of irony that he manages, that the coldness of economic interests adheres so much to the spirit of its leaders that they on many occasions, they hide their indifference, under the mask of great courtesy. AND who live and work in the midst of the crowd, with the opportunity to feel their anguish and their wishes, but are not interested in it. They seem to believe, rather, that misery too it is explorable, like a gold mine, or as the result of any conflict between souls tormented.

As a finance professor should, students in this subject should point out some objective bases for the initiation of economic relations between the seller and buyer. My experience of so many years has taught me the truth elementary that, who trusts the other, is giving the debtor a vote of confidence, this you must deserve it.

By that, I want to tell you that subjective judgment will always be essential because there are those, holders of a lot of money, who have accumulated it for the sole and exclusive purpose of having it, and with no other laws than its insatiable hoarding. Good portfolio management will require Then, at all times, personal relationships that allow you to know, at the creditor, the way in which your client understands and complies with the obligations in his charge.

For his part, whoever sells a certain item must be sure that its quality is equal to the one guaranteed at the time the transaction was made, because nobody wants it pays, as good, a thing that does not serve. The main condition of a business, Don Germán y Don Alfredo Saldarriaga Del Valle1, is that both parties feel satisfied and profitable, for having.

To those boys who receive your lessons from those who read your book, we must point out the path of hope, dark as the present may seem. Otherwise, they will choose by confusion or flight. I'm not proposing, with what I just told you, the strategy of silence and pious or calculated lies, but I am convinced that almost all of us know the origin of our ills and are sufficiently focused on how to cure them.

In this letter, which is already too long, I will only indicate a reason for our anxieties of now:

Every human being, from the moment he is conceived, prefers tenderness to violence. Even the most supportive and rebellious alarms respond positively to gestures of understanding and loving. The great principle of human goodness is that everyone has self-confidence, to place it all after others.

If we remember this every moment, the world would be better. It will be necessary: that all let us repeat and at all times, that the brain of man is only moldable, in the form lasting and authentic, during the first two thousand five hundred days of his life. There and in that short season, you can sow the one that everyone prefers. No one, in their own child, will desire then reap harvests of hatred, resentment, greed, selfishness, and no one will be left satisfied when, when kissing your child, you think you are touching the ice or the iron. It is identified then, an undoubted origin of our current sufferings, but we also know how and when they should be cured.

From many surveys of the opinion that people have of their leaders, it is concluded that almost everyone knows that the public sector is more obligated to the community, but without, however, sooner and better results are expected from the private sector.

I also think so and I hope that this illusion becomes reality. In this same aspect of initial education, the private company has a huge vein of personal achievements that would fill their leaders with spiritual rejoicing, because they would be organizing the future, with a certain vision, so that they come if they can glimpse paradise.

So you saw, my friend, that instead of disciplining myself with your book, it made me philosophize and speak to yourself, as if you could also write another book on finance basics of the soul. Although the boundaries seem clear: see that yours is yours and take care that you did it without the pain of anyone.


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