7. Advanced managerial thinking

Chapter  7



by: Josavere

The Digital Revolution is an excellent opportunity to restructure organizations seeking exponential growth to increase productivity; requires reorientation of traditional companies, starting with human resources with a manager with a “can do” mentality that instills, highlights and supports an innovative mindset, committed and active participant, as well as a team with the will, desire and passion for innovation, qualities that come from within and that must meet conditions such as:
Be optimistic, creative, with the ability to generate diverse and original ideas without fear of making decisions, curious, desire to investigate, learn and explore new and unknown situations, with a lot of information, ability to question, critical eye for any product, brand, interaction or new experience.

People who practice empathy, the ability to feel the same as other people to get to know them better and design inspired by the user. Tolerance and daring to experiment with the uncertainty generated by working on poorly defined, complex problems with high indecision (trial and error).

Technology has made the democratization of knowledge possible; the means to achieve this are within everyone's reach. The competitive advantage is in the ability to execute because productivity depends on managerial activity keeping the group going at the same pace. Maintaining a committed human talent is a constant challenge for the management teams of all types of organizations; the task is not easy, since the collaborators are not satisfied with basic facilities and good pay; they need much more. Technology alone does not guarantee it and the latest development is not always required.

The ability to adapt, typical of intelligent people, serves to take advantage of the great opportunity that presents itself, with greater life expectancy and a lot of stress, adopting healthy lifestyle habits and taking great care of the mind to lengthen its productive period. A lot of flexibility is required, a very open mentality with positive and optimistic thinking, with resistance to frustration, keeping the discipline of study and developing emotional intelligence to the maximum and learning, at least, another language.
Use the Networking network because the possibilities of accessing new opportunities are multiplied for those who know how to interact, complementing it with forums, blogs, debates and professional meetings.
Knowing oneself to enhance the creative side because the ability to generate experiences, provide new points of view; looking for different forms of expression and everything that is not likely to be automated to be executed with a robot, is and will continue to be highly appreciated.
Cultivate empathy, think about contributing to the quality of life, not making tempting accumulations, seek wisdom and live with a collaborative spirit, working in Holacracy (an organization in which command and decision-making are distributed horizontally, without there being a management hierarchy.

The phenomenon of globalization is irreversible and the development of electronic banking and the Internet greatly facilitate the actions of investors, regardless of whether they are swallowed or permanent capital and the accounting trend is oriented towards universal accounting standards (IFRS ) which will facilitate your decisions more and more every day.

The changes that are imposed in the economic activity for the recovery of the crisis of the year 2020 caused by the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic and the pronouncement of the Davos Forum, speaking of CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, which defined the purpose of a company of the fourth industrial revolution: "involving all stakeholders in the generation of shared and sustained value including local communities and society", require a high dose of productivity which will imperatively lead companies to implement risk wages based on results that are obtained, which makes the compensation model fairer for shareholders and workers, including the management team, contributing to a business system that actively participates in Sustainability with more social justice.

By indisputable empirical evidence it is shown that all human beings have different highly developed innate personal qualities; that, if we act intelligently, we can increase them and take advantage of them to develop others and correct weaknesses to make ourselves stronger against all kinds of threats and facilitate our development as beings dedicated to fulfilling a mission based on service to others, which helps us to find happiness and to practice empathy as a step to wisdom if we want to seek it.

Knowing oneself, a prerequisite is a very difficult step because it requires a high dose of humility, without falling into the extreme of not discovering strengths, affecting the so-called personal SWOT matrix that is built based on logical thinking, which occupies a low proportion of the brain and follows the guidelines that it draws, which does not guarantee the reliability that must be generated for such an arduous task.

The holistic or total approach to life teaches us that no one is absolutely right, but their part is, so we must not mortgage our only freedom, that of thinking, to any party, creed, or ideology that restricts it because it is the gift. Most precious of life that we must jealously guard.

For this reason, specially designed aids are required to use mechanisms that allow us to take better advantage of the brain capacity and that offers all the reliability, complemented with meditation, a practice that requires prior training for learning and great discipline to progress and achieves the necessary level. So as not to waste efforts.

The researcher, physician, and psychologist Edward de Bono, founder, and director of the ¨Cognitive Research Trust¨ and the ¨Centre for the Study of Thinking¨ created parallel or lateral thinking that provides a great complement to logical thinking, adding an infinite number of ways to get there. To a solution, through different paths as a way to escape fixed ideas that often block creativity.

Both methods complement each other. One to create ideas and the other to develop, select and use them. Just as an alternative and traditional medicine synergize and mutually show their benefits when simultaneously treating a patient, logical and parallel or lateral thoughts must work simultaneously for the benefit of the common humanity.

Until now, the educational system has taught very little about how to think because according to it, it is enough to memorize and repeat. We are overdue to begin to analyze everyday thinking because we have believed that we all know how to do spontaneously how to breathe and walk. Ding to Edward de Bono: “Man is capable of thinking in a way so superior to that of animals only because he is dumber than they are. We sincerely believe that what allows us to be more optimistic about the human mass is his relative stupidity; we could have little hope if the human race were as intelligent as it thinks it is. "

Lateral or parallel thinking helps us to question, allows us to bring light and power to the mental pictures that are created with meditation, use intuition, generate new ideas, awaken ingenuity and develop creativity. Both methods complement each other. One to create ideas and the other to develop, select and use them. Just as an alternative and traditional medicine synergize and mutually show their benefits when simultaneously treating a patient, logical and parallel or lateral thoughts must work simultaneously for the benefit of the common humanity.

The day we change our mentality and begin to massify the learning of how to think, a revolution will begin, understanding this as a rapid change through education. Thus, using technology as a practical tool that helps us to live better, and that allows us to get out of the mud where we have gotten into the plague of poor quality information, generated by demagogues who manipulate social networks and end up misinforming and preventing its assimilation. LIES disguised as news that have generated great distrust that affects the institutions and the leaders who direct them, losing credibility, affecting reputation in a world threatened by climate change, and with the accelerated technological advance and the urgent need to recover the world economy. 

Governments have the task of dignifying their profession by openly promoting the change of the educational system from the traditional system (memorization and repetition) towards lateral or parallel thinking so that both systems work simultaneously and produce the value-generating synergy that constitutes the raison d'être of the management, a message that the academy must abide by with all the enthusiasm.

There are also points of view that complement the previous ideas. The Colombian author, Gonzalo Gallo González in his book "The Meaning of Life", recommends being: open, constant, spirited, and creative; perceiving everything with positivism, reading biographies of beings of light, looking for reasons to believe and reasons to dream; define goals in clear, concrete, realistic and positive language.

Additionally, hope can be sown with words, gestures, and tenacity; solidarity and commitment to life, using the magnetic power of positive visualization and acting for the best, hoping for the best, and receiving the best as taught in the Silva Method of Mind Control.

Also, look for reasons to believe and reasons to dream; positively interpret the facts and react intelligently to what cannot be changed; have confidence; work hard; do not believe in the faint-hearted; accept criticism, extract the important from rumors and attacks from others, discover what the mind likes and orient it appropriately to classify, separate, label and judge, and leave room to build new options. It reminds us that inner peace has four enemies: hatred, guilt, anger, and attachments, and very especially that we should not cry about "my bad luck" and in the event that it occurs, face it with all our capacity and always trust in God. 

As O'magdino, author of the book The World's Greatest Seller, said, "Life has always been unfair and it will continue to be so"; we have to facilitate it with a mission of love that prompts us to give, focused from the inside of the being towards the outside and never destroying; releasing and developing creativity to build.

To the extent that we follow the guidelines of Conscious Capitalism contributing to Sustainability and Inclusion, now that entrepreneurs are clear that the easiest and cheapest way to increase the generation of value is Innovation, the promotion of lateral thinking is facilitated.

At the level of governments, academics, entrepreneurs, and support organizations, a crusade should be undertaken to substantially improve the distribution of income and wealth and to develop a clear and generally accepted indicator to objectively measure the degree of happiness in order to make this a variable dominant throughout the world.

The Nubank is an appreciable example to learn from the Colombian David Vélez, the banker who does not have the small print in the contracts; he presents the conditions head-on with a one hundred percent human, digital criterion and without a handling fee. It says that its users do not buy products but their culture and that the value of the company is a consequence of seeking to solve a problem on a large scale because it does not have customers but users who listen attentively because they are depositors of money, as a basis for creating products that respond to your needs. He seeks to democratize finance by placing the user of its services at the center of importance, proposing the distribution of wealth and services, making banking procedures easier for the popular classes, and providing loans to those who are not owners.

1. from the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians12, 4-11
Brethren: There are different gifts, but the Spirit is the same. There are different services, but the Lord is the same. There are different activities, but God, who does everything for everyone, is the same. In each one, the Spirit is manifested for the common good. One receives the gift of wisdom; another, the gift of science. One is given the gift of faith; to another, the grace to heal, and to yet another, miraculous powers. One receives the gift of prophecy, and another, that of discerning spirits. To one is granted the gift of tongues, and to another, that of interpreting them. But it is only one and the same Spirit who does all this, distributing his gifts to each one, according to his will.

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