1. Administration and sports

Chapter 1



by:  Josavere

In an act of immense greatness, because of what it means for a human being to leave so much power, Pope Benedict XVI resigned and opened the way to the greatest leader of the last centuries, Jorge Mario Borgoglio, who has generated a true religious revolution with the highest leadership of the Catholic Church, seeking the protection of the weakest. Fortunately for the sport, H.H. Francisco, has clearly shown his approval and declares himself a fan of San Lorenzo de Almagro, an Argentine club where at the beginning of his sports career our legendary and beloved goalkeeper Efraín “el caimán” Sánchez shone with his own light.

The fans and fans, who pay for the show in search of an opportunity to distract themselves, constitute the weak part since the others: governors, managers, investors, journalists, referees, coaching staff, footballers, and logistics workers profit from it. , with all the rights, to the extent that they contribute as a function of service for a dignified show, removing from their environment all kinds of practices that violate Fair Play and making it a tool for personal growth and social development for everything that represents for humanity.

The fans have the right to happiness, a fundamental objective of the human being, and the other interest groups must take care of them by contributing with the corresponding part so that the show is a generator of joy for the family group and complies with the social responsibility that corresponds to it. for its ability to convene, contributing to inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic growth because happiness contributes immensely to innovation and productivity.

After the thunderous failures of communism and socialism and the great cracks of capitalism as economic systems, the latter tries to reinvent itself seeking to contribute to the growth of human beings, instead of ruthlessly exploiting them as it did in the beginning, generating much rejection and protests of fatal consequences.

Based on the pronouncement of the Davos Forum in January/2020, speaking of CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM that defines the purpose of a company in the fourth industrial revolution: "involve all stakeholders in the generation of shared and sustained value, including local communities and society" and whose manifesto set out a single objective: to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.
The Digital Revolution requires reorientation to achieve a high dose of productivity, which will imperatively lead companies to transcendental changes, especially in human resources, teaching them to work happily, with a Massive Transformative Purpose, towards a collaborative approach, thinking of altruistic values. for humanity, leaving aside the competitive approach and developing, very especially, the qualities that cannot be replaced with digital mechanisms, complementing with the implementation of risk wages based on the results obtained, which makes the model of compensation is fairer for shareholders and workers, including the management team; contributing to a business system that actively participates in Sustainability with more social justice.

Modern administration is committed to this objective and today corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a subject in the corresponding chair, based on the declaration of human rights in Paris and strengthened by the practices of Good Corporate Governance, which seek to protect employees. small shareholders.

The sports leadership needs to regain the trust lost with harmful practices such as the “sale” of seats and seats, the origin of some evils that threaten Fair Play. For this, governance based on legitimacy is imposed to confront corruption and prevent some “revivals” from taking over sports institutions for their personal profit and putting them at their service.

It takes an effort from all levels, starting with the powerful multinationals that run the sport worldwide, the governments and the religions of the world-oriented to the education of the fans so that they learn to exalt themselves in a controlled way with the triumphs and calmly assimilate the defeats, in which it is very important to link the family group. This behavior begins at home, continues in schools, and is complemented in sports clubs, which must be as many as needed so that all beings have the possibility of satisfying second-order needs. Every company, college, university, and other institution must have their sports club within the administrative structure. The University must prepare officers for sports clubs.

Sports schools must belong to clubs administered with democratic principles and transparency that legitimize authority and be oriented towards training good people, taking advantage of natural advantages when children learn while enjoying themselves. These types of organizations provide companies with their contribution in matters pertaining to compliance with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contribute enormously to well-being and happiness as a contagious group, a basis for productivity and an environment conducive to innovation, a tool for competitiveness. and generation of value.

I feel immense respect and admiration for Edsón Arantes; That is why I am encouraged to write a few words that serve to catapult the immensity of him as a person of good, from whom we can take advantage of his teachings for the benefit of humanity, using twenty sentences of his, the fruit of his great intelligence.

Cesar Luis Menotti, the Argentine world champion coach in 1978 speaking of Pelé: “he was the best player in history. When it comes to the best, Pelé as a footballer had everything; he lacked absolutely nothing: a privileged physique, he was a man who won in the physical dispute, he nodded like the gods. He was the greatest, the best of all time, to me."

1." All my life I thank God. My family was very religious."
2. "God gave me the gift of knowing how to play soccer, but I got the rest by training and preparing myself thoroughly to accept any result.
3. "This is a great responsibility. I feel very comfortable although one thing I can't figure out is why God gave me this gift."
4. “I try to be the best person I can be. I try to be respectful, I prepare myself to always enjoy good health. But the most important thing is to respect people."
5. "A friend of mine, who is a comedian in Brazil, told me: 'Listen, God stopped the game because he wanted everyone to see your thousandth goal. That's why he wanted it to be a penalty kick.'
6. "It would be very difficult for another Pelé to emerge. My mother and father have already closed the factory."
7. My father used to say: “Listen. God gave you the gift of being able to play soccer. If you take care of your health, if you are in good shape all the time, with the gift that God gave you, no one will stop you but you must be prepared”.
8.” Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, study, sacrifice and, above all, love for what you are doing or learning to do.
9.” The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness of winning"
10. “I am a calm, calm man. I have a lot of patience and that's why I can take the blows that I get on the pitch or the bruises that supporters give me when they congratulate me. I like to make friends, I don't collect enemies.
eleven." I saw my father crying. I didn't understand why he was crying, because I had always been told that men don't cry. I said, 'Dad, don't cry. I'll win the World Cup for you, don't cry.'
12.” When a boy scores a lot of goals, people think: he is a great player, because a goal is a very important goal, but a great player is the one who can do everything on the pitch. He can encourage his colleagues, give them the confidence to move forward. He is someone who, when a team doesn't do well, becomes one of the leaders.
13. “To prevail, the coach must have good knowledge and inspire confidence. He cannot become an executioner, that mistake is usually paid dearly because great teams, like great companies, are built with unity and mutual respect, not with a whip ”.
14. "If you don't educate people, it's easy to manipulate them."
15. “I am constantly asked about players. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about squads of one, two or three stars.
16. “The people there loved soccer so much that they called off the war to watch Santos play in Africa. This was fantastic. It was something indescribable."
17. "No individual can win a game by himself."
18. “The feeling of being retired is bad. I still dream that I am dribbling, scoring goals.”
19. "Sport is something that inspires young people a lot."
20. "Politicians have made us always suffer misery in Brazil."

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