2. Reflections on my maturity

Chapter 2



                            by:  josavere

Life is permanent learning in different ways, taking advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to us, overcoming the permanent temptation of mediocrity, using and developing intelligence; carefully helping us with technology and consulting the great masters, in a continuous process, reinforced with the experience accumulated over time, making all of the above a way of life that allows us to advance each day more in the search for love and wisdom, beginning with honesty and prudence to develop BEING and arrive at HAVING, the result of DOING, after sharing to live happily.

It is essential to learn to create life habits that allow us both physical and intellectual growth with a diet in accordance with the activities to be developed and practicing meditation, thinking in the short and long term to avoid premature physical deterioration and mental illness because life makes sense as long as we are useful.

Pay close attention to what you think, feel, say and do to live concentrated in the present, with your feet on the ground and your mind happy, your natural state, if you live healthily.

Cultivate hope to believe that what we want is achievable.

Value what we have to be happier and capable of knowing what we want and how we can achieve it.

Act while God allows us. Life is a gift, which we must cultivate by jealously caring for health, the first principle of life. This is very changeable and happens fast; it is improved with a passion that drives us.

Do what we can each day (not postpone without a valid reason) making the best use of the time available.

To help improve the world, as much as is within our power, and to respect the rules of sustainability with great love.

Learn that events are neutral; Let's cultivate the habit of always looking for and remembering the positive part and rejecting the negative.

Keep in mind that there will always be worse situations than those overcome to increase your self-confidence.

Negative events help us grow as people, all the more so, as we forget our grudges and cultivate forgiveness and good humor.

Friends are a treasure that we must value, respect, tolerate, appreciate their company and help them when they need us, practicing giving in all its dimensions.

The good treatment of others is a wide way to increase good relationships and get the best out of every human being to increase productivity through teamwork, the basis for living in society, remembering that we all need everyone and solidarity makes our life easier. In certain situations, we need the courage to say "NO".

The first apprenticeships must include means to obtain the resources required to meet basic needs, as a starting point for a decent life, including second-order ones, because subsistence is impossible without money.

Each individual has strengths, which, through self-knowledge, he must identify and enhance to seek the profession that allows him to enjoy his work, which makes him more efficient and allows him to flow and be happy working.

Living in the moment, focused on the present, requires being very clear that "one part" must be applied to the forecast for the future. The natural is a life with an expectation that has to do with macroeconomic variables and especially with the personal care of each individual. All large companies are constituted by long-term expectations that imply well-founded projections of growth and profitability that make investment attractive, respect sustainability, improving the quality of life of their human group and that of their families by practicing corporate social responsibility. (CSR), a very topical subject in administration.

Accepting the future encourages investing in research and development, knowledge, insurance companies, late-yield crops, capitalization plans, and in general, all investments in infrastructure and technology.

That is why it is up to parents, living in the present, to be foresighted enough to think about the resources that they must accumulate for the growth and development of their children until they reach the point of giving society a useful being, who enters to contribute to improving the quality of life of all humanity.

The divine mandate: "love your neighbor as yourself" forces us to think about the old age of the couple, with whom agreements must be maintained for this purpose, remembering that excessive accumulations are harmful and in the long run, the source of great frustrations. Let's think about the immense personal satisfaction, to the extent that we can collaborate with others and leave some mark in this world, without actions that affect inner peace, which gives us the courage to serenely accept the final judgment of God and that of humans, with all its imperfections.

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