5. Seeking Wisdom

Chapter  5



by: Josavere

I begin the topic with two phrases from the well-known Antioqueño intellectuals, the teacher Luis López de Mesa; the wise man repeats his judgments until he reaches the infallible formula of majestic simplicity; and from Dr. Hernán Echavarría Olózaga, who taught us economics with a manual: “the common sense of the Colombian economy”.

Having been married for fifty years and about to turn seventy-five, I thank God immensely for my paternal family and for the one, I established with María Elena Piedrahita Gaviria; my daughters Marcela Inés, Claudia Patricia; my sons Carlos Alberto Emilio and Camilo Alfredo; I sit with:

The strength of a fighting bull,
the skill of a little bird,
the calm of a teacher,
the enthusiasm of a beginner,
the wish of a child,
the serenity of a veteran,
the intelligence of a young man, and
the empathy of a sage.

                                                                                THE INTELLIGENCE

The mother who transmits intelligence to the children in a greater percentage, completed with the emotions of the father and influences that we receive from our environment, according to Dr Jan Glascher: "intelligence is based on a specific network within the brain, which It is made up of the connections between gray matter, or cell bodies, and white matter, or fibers that connect neurons," abilities that allow efficient adaptation to the physical and social environment. Others define it as the ability to provide solutions in a network or group, in order to find a solution or develop something that is of interest to the participants.

It is manifested through multiple cognitive abilities that allow reasoning with previously learned verbal information and facilitate problem solving using new knowledge. It seeks to predict what could happen and take the appropriate measures to protect us, insure us or give us the advantage in some scenario.

It can be increased with adequate nutrition, frequent physical and mental exercise, meditation, daily readings, sharing group activities with all kinds of people, listening to subliminal music, focused on seeking a deeper understanding, constantly questioning and seeking answers, with activities of all kinds to avoid falling into the routine; learning a new language; reviewing what has been learned, taking risks, investigating opportunities, making mistakes and learning from all those experiences, in what is commonly called, the university of error to later teach them to others; with sufficient and adequate rest.

There is talk of intelligence: logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic-bodily, intrapersonal, emotional, and at the last World Economic Forum, strategic intelligence was developed that combines machine learning technology with human intelligence.

Emanuel Kant, the famous German philosopher says: only through education can man become a man. Man is nothing more than what education makes of him; without education, people cannot develop to their full potential; science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized life; science and wisdom generate synergy in our lives because science is the path to knowledge or wisdom.

The intelligent person knows how to apply the knowledge acquired in the past to solve the situations that arise; the wise man lives the highest degree of knowledge governed by values, with prudent conduct. The first deals with the how? The second, according to Kant can change his mind, answering a why?

An intelligent person is characterized by his ability to think and handle information, choosing sources well. He has the ability to solve problems of all kinds, using logic, complemented with lateral or parallel thinking implemented by Edward de Bono to make better use of the so far wasted brainpower.

Practicing empathy helps an intelligent person to seek wisdom because it gives him inner peace, it helps him to project himself into the community with a spirit of service, to be considerate of others, a good listener, prudent, a friend of not judging, and above all improves emotional intelligence. He makes it respectful and in turn, respectable.

Wisdom is an exceptional dimension that is linked to true goodness, it is associated with very open minds and the path to full happiness. The wise are skilled at acquiring information from their lives and experiences to use them with an integrating spirit, arguing clearly before resounding statements, balancing self-interest with the common good. They know how to relativize and look patiently and comprehensively at reality until they find the best way to do things. They do not judge; they use critical thinking to try to understand all opinions, seeking for everyone, the best in the long term, the key to their own well-being and that of others.

The wise require courage to endure adversity and temptations, prudence, adaptability, knowing how to be silent when there is nothing important to say, being very good listeners, and managing the balance between logic and will.

The above qualities are increased as the knowledge of oneself progresses; the values that are acquired are applied to daily situations and that it is practiced with a lot of discipline, meditation, experimentation, and the necessary mental openness so as not to see everything in black and white, learning to see the different shades of gray.

An intelligent person, from a very young age, can be oriented to the search for wisdom, increasing his intelligence with meditation, with a well-designed plan and daily practice; reflecting with good readings; maintaining interpersonal relationships with people of all kinds; learning languages, enjoying music, and playing instruments; getting out of the routine; using all the members of the body; doing regular physical and mental exercise (playing chess) and taking adequate breaks.

Developing your intelligence, if you start looking for tasks that bring you happiness as you perform them and do so thinking about a service function for all the audiences with whom you interact, you are very close to practicing empathy and organizing your knowledge and your life.

Logically, to be able to act in this way, you must organize the economic aspect judiciously, in such a way that it allows you to live without limitations of this type, without enslaving yourself by making accumulations that can affect you and distract you from your priority objective: wisdom; remembering that money is a means to satisfy needs and not an end, in itself.

Organize your life oriented by the principles: health, love, sharing, interacting with positive thoughts to find them in others, forgiveness, making decisions, and living in the moment. Keep your mind very clear to calmly prepare your will to detach yourself from everything and distribute your accumulations, in life and not leave potential problems.

Empathy is an innate capacity of the human being but it can be improved by cultivating the art of listening attentively, with an open mind, and without interrupting to achieve the best understanding of whoever is speaking. Of course, as long as you do it well-intentioned; showing interest in understanding you and helping you with clarifying questions; showing him alternatives to discuss without prejudice, and accepting that no one is the owner of the truth. Also following the teaching of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: "Do not let anyone fall than you, walk away without being better and without feeling happier"

The aspiring sage must be very clear that it is not a matter of racing and that you can NOT press the accelerator, or burn stages; It is a slow process, which requires a lot of perseverance, patience, decision, and reflection to provide permanent feedback with a constructive spirit to advance at the pace that circumstances allow, without belittling anyone, knowing that we will spend our entire lives advancing; slowly of the little turtle ”almost without approaching anything to the infinite wisdom that is God because it is well worth trying with all our resources until we reach the final judgment.

From the Book of Wisdom 7, 22–8, 1:

Wisdom is an intelligent spirit, only, unique, and multiple, subtle, agile, and penetrating, immaculate, lucid, and invulnerable, lover of the good, sharp and free, benefactor, a friend of man and kind, firm, e and serene, that he can do everything and sees everything,  that penetrates all spirits: the intelligent, the pure, and the most subtle.
Wisdom is more agile than any movement and, being immaterial, it goes through and penetrates everything. Wisdom is a radiance of the power of God, a pure emanation of the glory of the almighty,
Therefore, nothing dirty can contaminate it. It is a reflection of the eternal light, an immaculate mirror of God's activity, and a picture of his goodness.
She alone can do everything; without changing anything, she renews everything; she enters the souls of the good of each generation, she makes them friends of God and prophets, because God loves only those who live wisely. Wisdom is brighter than the sun and that all the constellations;
When compared to daylight, wisdom wins because the day conquers the night, but against wisdom, evil can do nothing.
She powerfully stretches from one end of the world to the other .and she gently rules the whole universe.

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