4. Prayer: Lord help me

Chapter 4



by: josavere

To live this day concentrating on each activity that I carry out so that at the end of the day, I can lull myself into remembering exactly what I experienced, like someone watching a movie as an observer, without qualifying any particular event.

Thus, I will have a night of deep rest to get up early with a lot of positive energy and desire to live, watch the sunrise, thank you for the wonderful night and the new day; asking you to be of great growth as a person with clearly prioritized objectives. To live in the here and now; be fully aware of my diet and total control over all the vices to handle them and not let myself be enslaved by any of them.

Learn to think positively, accept the facts as they arise, and react intelligently, without judging anyone and accepting what I cannot change. Reject everything negative, regardless of where it comes from; attachments, bad company, and routines; cultivate my capacity for wonder and creativity by directing them to service.
I want to be a true Christian, fulfilling all your mandates, dedicated to seeking happiness through wisdom to be able to transmit my knowledge to whoever wants to receive it, without having to return anything, such as the little birds and fish that I feed every day, remembering the biblical message: “Look at the birds in the sky: they do not sow or reap, nor do they accumulate in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth more than they? Who of you, no matter how much he worries, can add a single moment to the time of his life? "

To do this, I need to sleep very well at night, the hours that my body requires recovering energy and to generate vitality, starting a new day, willing to live it as if it were the last, which implies an act of gratitude and contrition before resting placidly. Wake up very quietly, collect dreams, choose what interests me, for whatever reason, and discard what does not serve me. 

To help all the people to whom I have the opportunity to do so, without expecting anything in return, to share what I receive from YOU, keeping the horizon clear, without tempting accumulations for potential evildoers and enemies.

Cultivate my spirit with useful knowledge so that I can teach whoever I want; this is how I contribute so that we are all people with a better quality of life. Live each day with guidelines aimed at the improvement to achieve my inner peace; live fully and serenely accept a good death when YOU are ready to present me to the final judgment and participate in your eternal glory.
Saúl: I just saw your prayer first; and then to pray it. I am grateful to you, among other things, for how much you have taught me. This is one more example in that sense. I found it deep, serious, practical, adult, inspiring, and a transmitter of inner peace. Thanks again. As I prayed, I also included you and all the people you love and love you. May what you ask for and appreciate in it be fully worked out in you, in mine, and in all humanity.

Happiness is a wonderful item: the more you give, the more you have left. (Blaise Pascal)
Your happiness begins with that of others.

Regarding the search for happiness, the natural state of a healthy mind and the most important reason to live, the goal of cultured people, and the great achievement of highly structured people, the phrases of the German philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, help us a lot. it teaches that happiness is related to our actions and emotions; Therefore, it is a state that depends on each person to the extent that they manage their mind using reason, complementing theory with experience, thinking a lot, and taking advantage of the great teachings of teachers, reading with attention and reflection in the search for an answer to three questions: "What can I know? What should I do? What can I expect?"

Living well, active, and focused on what we do, based on service, helps us to be happy. Perception pigeonholes humans a lot because our senses are very limited, compared to animals; space and time impose on us a framework to appreciate reality, a basis to guide our actions in the search for happiness. We need a lot of mental clarity, based on enlightenment, the fruit of meditation, to find the best path for this purpose. 

The liberator, Simon Bolivar said: "Freedom is the most precious of goods and that is why it must be taken care of, even sacrificing lives. Nations become great through education and must use reason rather than force, remembering that public employees must be worthy of their comprehensive training; ignorant people become a blind instrument of their own destruction. "
The most practical way to develop intelligence starts from humility and is based on a constant effort to know yourself, using reflection with experience, reading, and meditation. It is complemented by interacting with smarter people, questioning wisely, listening carefully, responding calmly, and keeping quiet when there is nothing important to say. 

The intelligent person jealously takes care of his health and his freedom; he keeps his goals clear, thinking that he can achieve them; reflecting before speaking and acting; he knows how to change when he must and evaluates the result to provide feedback on his knowledge. 

Happiness is not a constant; a life oriented towards its search is required through actions that help us find it, starting with the rulers and businessmen, who must understand that the reason for their service is the search for facilitators to improve the quality of life and understand that the most important thing for being is the happiness level and not the gross domestic product, as was wrongly thought for a long time. 

Societies must seek well-being as a contagious collective, the most practical tool, with the use of technology and knowledge, to increase productivity while protecting Sustainability. 

Each individual, to the extent that he finds the environment of joy, corresponds to contribute his own, through actions and emotions, which have to see the personal quality that he must continuously develop in his life, seeking the synergy of the collective through the contribution to society. 

Learning to thank is essential to achieve happiness starting with the large number of assets that we have with the BEING and that we must increase with DOING to HAVE without falling into dangerous excesses due to our human nature, so weak to face so many demons that surround us. 

Meditation is a discipline that is learned through daily practice, after a theoretical training process received from good institutions oriented to the search for inner peace, personal growth, and emotional intelligence; allows us to accumulate pure and positive thoughts; thus the negativity is automatically terminated. Where there is light, darkness does not enter; negative and wasteful thoughts arise due to lack of a pure and positive mental course, the natural state of a healthy mind. 

Engage in activities that you like, with good patterns, in healthy environments; It is something that can be done as the person increases her professional training and catapults her degree of happiness and personal development. 

Practice excellent human relations with all the audiences with whom we have to act, especially with the agent who cannot do us any favors or has no way to defend herself.

Forgiving frees us from many negative charges and gives us the opportunity to give a good gift to those who need it to heal emotionally, generating great satisfaction. 

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. For this, physical exercise is essential, according to the conditions and particular tastes of each person, complemented with adequate nutrition and rigorous health care.

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