9. Happiness and productivity

Chapter 9


                                                                                  By: josavere


The Digital Revolution and the urgent need to recover the world economy from the crisis of the year 2020 caused by the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic and the pronouncement of the Davos Forum, speaking of CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, which defined the purpose of a company of the fourth industrial revolution: "involving all stakeholders in the generation of shared and sustained value including local communities and society", require a high dose of productivity which will imperatively lead companies to transcendental changes, especially in human resources, reorienting them towards a collaborative approach, thinking of altruistic values ​​for humanity, leaving aside the competitive approach and especially developing the qualities that cannot be replaced with digital mechanisms, complementing the implementation of risk wages based on results obtained, to the labor force of benefits higher than the established goals, which makes the compensation model fairer for shareholders and workers, including the management team; contributing to a business system that actively participates in Sustainability with more social justice, remembering that the human right to a clean and healthy environment.

It is necessary to cultivate empathy, think about contributing to the quality of life, a lot of flexibility, a very open mentality with positive and optimistic thinking, with resistance to frustration, maintain the discipline of study and develop emotional intelligence to the maximum, learn, minimum another language. Knowing oneself to enhance the creative side because the ability to generate experiences, provide new points of view; looking for different forms of expression and everything that is not likely to be automated to be executed with a robot, is and will continue to be highly appreciated; live with a collaborative spirit, working in Holacracy.

We begin by presenting a basic table that illustrates a model oriented towards the pursuit of happiness, in my opinion the main long-term objective that all countries in the world should pursue, taken from
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkpmWi9foUU , which measures the beneficial development of material and spiritual aspects as a whole.
The model for measuring Gross Domestic Happiness, designed in Bhutan, is a much broader measure of quality of life than GDP. It is based on four pillars, which are the ones that inspire each Bhutanese government policy: sustainable and equitable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture, environmental conservation and good governance.

The idea of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, fourth King of Bhutan, "the way to measure progress must be based on something more than the flow of money, since" the true development of human society is found in the complementation and mutual reinforcement of the development material and the spiritual.

In Bhutan, every two years, a survey is conducted with 180 questions, using nine dimensions: psychological well-being, time use, community vitality, culture, health, education, environmental diversity, standard of living, and good governance. In this small nation, which in 2007 was the second fastest growing economy in the world, education and moral values prevail over economic ones. They believe that the economy must be at the service of all people and must not be based on the accumulation of material wealth of the strongest.

The British NGO New Economics Foundation created the Happy Planet Index in 2006. This index, which measures life expectancy, the ecological footprint and well-being in general, highlights that the "happiest countries are not necessarily the richest". In 2006, Bhutan was found to be the eighth happiest country out of 178 surveyed.


The great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) teaches that happiness is a duty of the human being; supreme commitment that forces us to be worthy of deserving it. Happiness, in the Kantian world, does not depend on destiny or on others, but on oneself, on the person, that is, on his own behavior and character.
It is the natural state of a healthy mind; It comes from living intensely in the moment and for each person it is a particular concept depending on the resources at their disposal, without envying anyone. Previously, inner peace must be developed, the faculty of being and by which you recognize yourself and manifest your self-love to know the world and act according to your purposes.
It is a "state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction." It implies self-knowledge, which allows you to develop your life project, the basis for being happy as you progress towards well-defined objectives, valuing yourself a lot as you progress in the goals you have set.
When we experience that the momentum increases in us and we feel with a lot of vital energy; when we verify that we have overcome what oppressed us, we feel a moment of happiness. In the long term, it is the maximum of a human being, as he reaches full development, fully with himself and with the order of the cosmos. For this, each person must find his strengths and practice them a lot to increase them more and make his life an eternal present, without anguish of the past or fears of the future.
It is a value that can and should be developed from the earliest years, taking advantage of all the opportunities that life presents us, beginning by displaying a positive mentality, overcoming all the obstacles that come our way, no matter how big they may seem; being clear that it begins with education, using all possible means; accepting that we can learn from others, keeping in mind that there will always be options; taking care of health with adequate nutrition and taking advantage of the sun to exercise; be thankful; cultivating and increasing friendships; learning to rest; diminishing ambition; practicing forgiveness; not envying anyone, being humble, sharing to avoid dangerous accumulations and other actions that occur to us, always cultivating inner peace.

Accepting a direct relationship among the grade of happiness of human teams at a company and the level of productivity, money in the association is important to examine the companies that occupy the twenty-first places in the grade scale and published by the magazine with the institute The Great pleases to Work, an important document that I want to summarize to reflect on the theme and to place some mirrors to have points of reference and to complement with my personal contributions.

The workpeople perceive like the more important aspects, the ones that help to make the workplace pleasantly the following:

  • The vision and his leader’s honesty.
  • The information that they receive from his directors.
  • The attitude toward equilibrium among labor life and personnel.
  • Pride for the company and its corporate image.
  • The grade of autonomy that is offered.
  • The attitude with respect to the delegation to take decisions.
  • The possibility that it be offered to them to appeal in unbalanced situations.
  • Recognition of work and individual effort.
  • The environment of comradeship in the working party.
  • A just compensation than good administrated, help him to improve his standard of living.
A summary of the general policies of the best companies to work according to the mentioned document, taken in the same order of classification, helps to know the strategy to use with the human group:

A. &: the best place to work at the country drives a scheme turned on to participation; Ample communication; great importance opens into capacitation and it foments the bilingualism; utilize the incentives cheap to run for performance and results. Without favoritism; equity in internal promotions and opportunities of family leisure. Wholesome and tied-up people; opportunity to do profession with international interchanges. There are entrusts to accomplish the work in the agreed-on schedule (the rest is surcharge or inefficiency). 

B.&: multinational of the pharmaceutical sector, the opportunity of professional development; excellent communication; ethical behavior;  respect the individual; permanent capacitation (e-learning) and flexible working day. Tall level of worry for the worker's and his family's well-being. Incentives are cheap to run for performance. 

C.&: tight compensation having salaries, incentives, and benefits; respect her's life and his family utilizing employees’ funds and the mutual fund of investment. Obvious communications; people with very good relations and equilibrium in his family and labor life. The proven to be directors reward economic expectations.

D.&: a multinational enterprise that offers a good environment of work; opportunities of development; sincere communication; plans of recognition with benefits for employees and parrot-fashion plan, with the opportunity to have an influence on the exterior. Flextime; especial activities including the families; programs of recognition with incentives cheap to run; impartiality in processes and bonuses cheap to run for results. 

E. &: the North American company of chemical products arranges for a development plan for each worker; management of the performance. Equilibrium among personal and labor life: the people work for a living, do not live to work. The people must not remain working after the time of departure. They have programs of recognition and incentives with the possibility to do race out-of-doors and they use to implicate the families. 

F. &: a multinational enterprise that gets worried because its employees perform good work with tight remuneration, leisure, recognition, capacitation, and development. They take care of the equilibrium between personal and labor life. They drive incentive plans, rewards, and motivations with policies of very remuneration obvious and largely diffuse with impartiality in processes. 

G. &: multinational that a plan of succession that guarantees all of the workpeople's development and clearings for performance and possibilities of internationalization offer maintains. They worry about the person and his family and the equilibrium among labor life and relative take care of; open-door policy and impartiality in processes. 

H.&: oil Brazilian that he promotes the technical development and human of employees to generate the orientated motivation to achieve the goals. For them working is the pleasure to be a member of a company that trusts imagination and the contribution of wholes; the technical development, human promote, and social of his employees. Programs of recognition and rewards to surpass the goals; they take care of the equilibrium among personal and labor life;  practice the management of the performance of his workpeople. 

I. &: multinational manufacturer and marketer of products of beauty; base his strategy related to management in autonomy and recognitions with incentives cheap to run. They offer confidence and they appreciate his collaborators who capacitate to work as a team. Integrate the family and the equilibrium among labor life and personnel procure. They offer flexibility in work periods; open interest and obvious procedures. 

J. &: multinational company of massive consumer goods; key bases its strategy related to management in meritocracy and recognitions because the people is its resource; integrate the family; they do an evaluation of performance with measurements where they participate for the less seven persons; the accomplishments, the best team of workers and the best boss of area reward. 

K. &: stockbrokers, he bases his steps on the basis of activities, goals, and objectives once individual commitments periodically evaluated, divulged were turned into and properly motivated. The people in her resource nail. The human steps are borne in recognition, the technical capacitation and you program them of the well-being of the employee and his family group. 

L. &: multinational with all kinds of freedoms if the drawn objectives which it is tracking and clearings on come true. Each employee updates annually his development plan with human resources. Impartiality in processes; a lot of freedom to develop his workpeople's potential and offer promotional opportunities to the exterior. 

M. &: multinational dedicated to the production of plastic lids of thread; offers respect for the individual and opportunity to grow labor. The worker's physical and emotional equilibrium and his family are promoted. They drive plans of recognition and incentives for performance and procedures of public knowledge to avoid favoritism. 

N.&: the distributor of linen goods and confections offers job security; impartiality in processes, the good environment of work and excellent personal relations; impartiality in processes and programs of recognition; they think about the family and in workpeople. Drive like strategy the continuous formation for talent own improving his personnel's profile and the commitment with the society; they keep watch over his product jealously. 

O. &: multinational pharmacist, he bases his strategy in ethics, the honesty, and the respect; great investment incapacitation (million 1.2-1.3 dollars apiece year); good labor environment; the busy personnel's culture; the opportunities of growth; freedom to say what is thought about; respect for family's time. His policy's pillars of human resources are: 
a. excellent leaders; b. engaged people and c. efficient organization. They do a judicious evaluation of the performance and they improve it; they recognize the work and effort additional; they offer promotional possibilities to the exterior. 

P.&: multinational with the good environment of work; flexibility of schedules; the potential of development within the organization; open doors and activities of recognition and motivation with bonuses for performance. I work as a team and passion about what they do respect the family's time; strict handling of meritocracy. 

Q. &: multinational with a presence at one hundred forty-seven countries, he bases his business in the human capital; they do all the promotions with base in a meritocracy; the goal in the management development is to get to be a member; flexible agreements in the workday that they permit being connected with the office and tools. Integrate the family and they do tall recognition to the performance. Good school for the variety of expert advice that they render. 

R. &: great labor environment with capable leaders to understand the personal necessities of life of employees; sincere communication, white of egg, and transparency. I work as a team with positive people; your rule of fire is perfectly defined for staff promotions transfers, salaries, and benefits. Recognition with simple programs and incentives; equilibrium of personal and labor life; internal culture guided to the execution with excellence. 

S. &: offer the possibility of personal development; people with a lot of human quality that he generates confidence. Labor flexibility to balance the labor life with the relative. He has an ethical line and code of conduct; good performance motivates with first extras.

Organizational challenging, demanding, and competitive culture with recognitions and incentives to better performances; impartiality in processes; application of meritocracy and recognized as a school of accomplishments. 

T. &: multinational Englishwoman of liquors that maintains evaluation of performance guided to detect competitions to develop including the personal; labor flexibility; impartiality in processes; incentives cheap to run; open-door policy; freedom to be successful; impartiality in processes; incentives cheap to run to recognize achievements and advances; capacitation out-of-doors and possibilities to internationalize. 

Finding our place like businessmen and the workpeople of an organization have to begin for a reflection personal level, based in Jhon F. Kennedy's famous sentence, thinking about so that we can contribute the job environment for the better and to take it as a daily discipline, complementing with a positive attitude with respect to companions and of a lot of love the work that he employs us, having influence mentally to the service that we borrowed with our work, playing it concentrates in what we do, that is in the here and the now, discipline that he learns with practice and that in other words implies being conscious of what we accomplished, developing the inner peace.

Especial attention must take place to foment proceedings that they permit achieving us and maintaining the confidence of everybody with who we interacted, reminding that this is very fragile. Let's have a present than the grade of happiness not only that a contagious bus than an individual selfish attitude, conditioned right along with the quality of relations with the other ones, and for our attitude to enjoy life.

As each person must contribute his quota of happiness to the bus, it is convenient to remind that this looks for itself from within (the inside) out (the midway) and that the factors that affect happiness are: health, personal moral values, work, family's relations, the economic situation, the friends and the individual freedom.

Companies, in turn, must propitiate the conditions to make easy behavior to the people that he induce collective happiness, to the one that all contribute to, like part of his corporate strategies and involving them in his mission, his vision and in moral values to take care of with zeal, in order that they become elements of organizational, orientated culture to generate value in the company and countries space where it operates, respecting his laws, the ambient midway and way of life.

Exists an ample index of correlation among happiness and the creative capability that makes easy the appearing of the brilliant sparks that are required to create a culture of invention, her but the easy form to exercise leadership in the sector where the company, in order to increase the possibilities of valuable generation, so that the creation of environments to play and to laugh because good humor in addition to be emotional intelligence test stimulates the creativity he is recommended operate.

Meritocracy, equilibrium among labor life and personnel, the opportunities of development, the incentives cheap to run, excellent communications and some good environmental and certainty increased conditions implicating the family, constitute basic factors very commendable to propitiate the valuable generation. Commanding respect and inspiring love on the basis of emotional intelligence, intellectual, spiritual, and social.



Entrepreneurially speaking, it represents the way but easy and practical to surpass the competition or to become converted into the leader of the sector and to improve the márgenes of utility, a key element to increment the competitiveness.

It depends on a mental attitude at the company; a way of life and fruit of the work of a team directed by an adapted leader. Thomas D. Kuczmarski in his book Innovación - it defines Strategies for markets of tall competition as that leader a creative person, good motivator, of easy communication, with initiative, perspicacity, and experience to integrate equipment, resolving conflicts; with a lot of will to get totally involved to be worked up with the team, giving continuous retro alimentation and a positive print.

Of an editorial published in Portafolio in Abril 11/07 I extract the following concept:

"In a job of 1998, published in the magazine Organization Science, Frank J. Barret, professor of the Naval Postgraduate School of Monterey, California, and pianist of professional jazz underline that the bureaucratic model is not adequate in a global economy. In order to be innovators, the managers, just like musicians, have to know how to interpret footloose indicia, to confront tasks unstructured, processing incomplete knowledge and, still in uncertain conditions, taking measures and starting the action..."

In very general terms, the creative ideas start off and develop following the following steps:

  • Concept or idea
  • You try quantitative
  • Financial projections
  • Creating a prototype (research and development)
  • You try of manufacture and marketing
  • Presentation to sales

The success is measured in terms of successful products or hits of invention, which must measure oneself as we will indicate later on.

It is fundamental to develop a sense of curiosity, to offer additional wages and salaries, to maintain support related to management conscientiously that many ideas do not bear fruit; maintaining the focused equipment and supplying the economic resources.

The general manager must know that the show is that it can not be delegated; Having active linkage balancing stock with words and coherent support transmitting passion, fervor, and faith. Communicating with positive and decided attitude, the type we can do it, in addition to his conviction that one tries of one long-term investment and the fact that he stops his achievement a general road does not exist, rather must work at the environment own of the company in individual.

To think different is essential; but there of how they do things today; the goods that they manufacture or the services that are offered. The invention can be made in: markets, new products, selling methods, forms of delivery, service pre and post-sale, systems of manufacture, forms of leadership, strategic direction, methods of compensation, and other ones.
The researcher, physician, and psychologist Edward de Bono, founder, and director of the ¨Cognitive Research Trust¨ and the ¨Centre for the Study of Thinking¨ created parallel or lateral thinking that provides a great complement to logical thinking, adding an infinite number of ways to get there. to a solution, through different paths as a way to escape fixed ideas that often block creativity.

Both methods complement each other. One to create ideas and the other to develop, select and use them. Just as an alternative and traditional medicine synergize and mutually show their benefits when simultaneously treating a patient, logical and parallel or lateral thoughts must work simultaneously for the benefit of the common humanity.

A. ENTERPRISE CHARACTERISTICS: in addition to a manager with intention of we can do it that he inculcates, stand out and back up an innovative intention, engaged active participant, a team with a will, desire, and passion for the invention require himself, which departs of an instinct. The team's members owe:

  • Having a diversity of experiences.
  • Being optimistic.
  • Having self-confidence and creativity.
  • The propensity toward the solution of problems.
  • Being desirable of the people and to back her up in cash form.
  • Demanding and transmitting an internal passion to create new things.
  • Feeling realized with the invention and the launching of new products.
  • Having experienced failures and capable being to surpass them.

According to Thomas D. KUCZMARSKI, these groups that integrate with a careful procedure of selection for periods of one or two years must meet regularly in with previous programmings of several classrooms. Once a week in meetings of four hours in addition to others including breakfasts, lunches, and foods of work;  Encounters of one or two days at different places to the one belonging to chores to strengthen the relationship and to stimulate the creativity. The members of the team in addition to good clearings and recognitions must have obvious his future once finish off his participation. 

B. MEASUREMENT: a basic complement to generate the innovative culture is the objective measurement of results for minus signs that they may work out, especially in the first stages of his development. A model is required to utilize and to check in shape systematics to learn from experience.

We would be able to start entering in books the investment that he goes away accomplishing for which must do an appropriation itself that he limits the use of financial resources having in the account than experimentation in itself, demand capital; the participation of new products in total sales and his contribution margin to calculate a profitability index. Besides doing a periodic evaluation of the performance of the members of the group and doing feedback. 

C. IMPLEMENTATION: it is recommended initiating with a summit meeting, with all the solemnity of the case to train some apostles, carefully selected candidates and thus beginning the process and circumscribing stock the fact that they keep that wit that is needed alive and which stops is convenient to increment the grade of happiness to stimulate the interaction of nerve cells and to improve the creative capability.