14. Making correctly decision

Chapter 14



by josavere

Neurolinguistics teaches that we have to believe in to be able to see. In order to do grand developments, it requires to change over paradigms; news form from seeing the universe.

As the world changes gigantic steps, especially for the advance of technology, having some beginnings specifies that the times make of compass and guide us to turn us into good executers and to avoid to fall in the whirl of mediocrity.

We must learn how to exceed an idea (creative thought) to a successful result. In century XX, we increased enormously the laborer’s productivity; in century XXI, the defiance consists of incrementing the executive’s productivity, as Peter Druker presents it.

If we focused the leadership toward the personal growth the fees that exert influence on the other ones occupy whose, at the point of that they recognize all the internal moral values of his directed, we will be able to increase the human capital, the but important entrepreneurial resource and the one that the difference in this century has to mark. The great advance of information technology socialized knowledge; we needed the intelligence to utilize it.

The universities and all companies must take care of his human group to teach thinking with logic, to potentate the but valuable resource. Thus, the people turn around but demand I get the same and generate the bigger potential that organizations must put on the right track to use it profitably, increasing the know-how and as a consequence his patrimony.

The effort must be guided to connect idealism and intuition with pragmatism and logic. The companies must construct environments that they permit to enjoy to the people with his work, enjoying what he does stop then be but productive and alive better.

The combination calls for the intellectual coefficient with emotional intelligence to radiate from the topmost levels to become a culture of the organization to her itself.

The handling of the information, permits the management by exception and he frees time to think and cater to the individual's the rest of the aspects because work only is one they; He permits getting him the indispensable resources to satisfy basic needs, speaking in a pragmatic language.  The other ones: relative, social, economic, religious, educational, health, must drive in a balanced form to achieve a complete life.

The overtaking is an inherent activity all schools of business insist on the exercise of administration in it and apparently, all graduates know how to do it. In practice, indecision is a level of entrepreneurial common factor. In general, we are dubitative to finish off, a situation that we fed back with unkind criticism whom he makes a decision, or that does not do it, without having in the account than sometimes, we asked for decisions without giving enough judging elements to do it. Hence, the human group has to learn how to make decisions utilizing all of the available technology beginning with the information that companies must turn into authentic complemented databases with the Internet, which is to the reach of wholes. True intelligence consists in becoming adapted to new technology, utilizing the information, extracting it useful, and disposing of the unnecessary.

It is required to learn how to develop the emotional intelligence to accept the facts, to drive the ambiguity, to participate actively in interdisciplinary groups; forget about the importance that we believe to be (necessarily equal no what we are); develop curiosity and capability to investigate and above all, disposition subject to acceptance serenely the decision that the group takes independently of as be our opinion.

When the decision corresponds to the higher level related to management, the executive will have to act on its own opinion, because however you may decide, who say that he is wrong will not be missing.

The woman doctor Rosa Argentina Rivas in a lecture dictated in The Meted Silva of mental control explained how the overtaking is the beginning of life. It is something inherent to the existence same as the but important entrepreneurial resource. A guide to guessing right hit: decide always looking for his inner peace. The movement Slow Food in Europe proclaims that the people must eat and drink the foodstuff slowly and with complete conscience of the object; besides he recommends going back to take the human essential moral values, the little pleasures of what quotidian one belonging to the simplicity to live and to live together, religion and faith. Applying these bases the overtaking provides enormously personnel’s it.

That they are going to take entrepreneurial decisions they must participate with great facility in interdisciplinary groups of the organization, if have the necessary formation. Implicating only the people that have the responsibility of the decision to avoid the participation of energy is important that they may hinder the process, which must be agile, transparent, and without asymmetries1 in the information in order that he make the correspondent sustenance easy if one requires.

He must give in clearly established the how, that is, the criteria that it is gone to apply for finishing off. Some need the decision and other ones take them. Commitment calls for parts itself: that they need her, they must contribute in good timing all of the information that is specified in broad outlines and white of egg. Who or who goes to make a decision will do it independently of that he be the answer yes or no.

The book Bussines thinks refers to the difficulty to make decisions in companies. Quote factors like the ego, special interests, unnecessary arrears, unjustified distrust, edicts, the urgency, functional blindness, political or position power, fear, and bad preparation so much they must take her of the people that need the decision, like who. Besides, the fact that to make things worse the process is incoherent says, because every time that a decision is needed it is common to find that a distinct process is invented.

The important fact is that the company circumscribes a clear mechanism to drink decisions, takes it as a policy, and respects it jealously. Teamwork is basic and the group must be convinced that the decision takes itself looking for the best for the company, independently of any particular benefit.

Logically, we talked about the equipment of height performance, the fact that all members are engaged with the decision implicates and then at the end no one their he feels defeated, which means that he has the general jurisdictions to participate assertively.


  • Elaborating carefully on the list of required activities to make a decision.
  • Assigning one responsible for each of the activities.
  • Being convenient for a reasonable time for each activity with each one of the responsible.
  • Preparing a womb; that in the book Bussines Think they call the blessed womb, which I add a column of control to.
  • Doing the correspondent tracking.

For example: let's suppose that he goes to buy a machine for an industrial enterprise's productive process.

Steps Decision Who When How Control
Investigation Preselección of suppliers Executive M February 28 Advisory group (diverse means) -
Initial contact To make a specific meeting with interested Executive M March 30 Using diverse means -
Demonstrative meeting To continue the processor to reject Executive K April 15 Conference using diverse means -
Visit installation To accept by means of the corrections Executive L and M May 30 Direct observation -
Economic evaluation To accept… Executive R June 15 Qualitative and quantitative models -
Physical alternatives To choose one or two options Executive S June 30 Analysis -
Taking decision To accept or to reject Presidency June 30 Validating the process -

Continuing with the book Bussines Think2, he refers to eight basic beginnings to guess right in the overtaking, namely:

a. Growing away from his ego in the door: because he is insecure and arrogant, it is something that each person can control. The humility must be practiced, reminding that in the long run, each person is an inhabitant but. Take care of the time and energy.

b. Generate curiosity: exploring the unknown flexibility is generated and they turn on minds that generate productive ideas. He must become a corporate value instilled from the maximum hierarchic value.

c. Draw away from the solution: do not accept predetermine solutions; if the solution does not generate value for the company nothing is not of value. The money is essential in business; it but important he is the cash flow, her but dear financial tool.

d. Obtain proof: else it is had; there is no reason to do nothing. The velocity to obtain the proof and to convert her in concrete data for next to accelerate as much as it can be reduced. A fast and false decision can become a problem. In VOLVO, a Swedish company, any project slows two years in materializing, even though the idea is bright and simple.

e. Calculate the impact: he consists in quantifying what is not appreciated immediately. Utilize the questions: how does he measure himself? How much is he?, How much should he be?, Which is the difference? how long did we need? Examining that the cost to compromise not be superior to the problem. Exceeding the subjective to I confer an objective aspect to it. A prognosis in terms of revenue and expenditures of cash must be done.

f. Explore the effect of wave: make sure to know be more than enough who else, or be more than enough as the company's another aspect has consequences taking care of the macroeconomic surroundings to end to understand the complete reach of the solution.

g. Slow down in front of warning signals: if business is as good why have other ones not done it? Or like the grandparents said therefrom so good they do not hit so much.

h. Look for the cause: make sure to treat the cause in place of his effects. For it nothing better than the elementary question Why? Why? Why?.

1. They all must have the same available information.
2. Bussines Think. Dave Marcum; Steve Smith and Mahan Koalas. Page 30.

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