15. The generation of value and the human resource

Chapter 15



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The Digital Revolution and the urgency for the recovery of the world economy from the crisis of the year 2020 caused by the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic and the pronouncement of the Davos Forum, speaking of CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, which defined the purpose of a company of the fourth industrial revolution: "involving all interest groups in the generation of shared and sustained value, including local communities and society", require a high dose of productivity, which will imperatively lead companies to transcendental changes, especially in human resources, reorienting it with a Massive Transformative Purpose, towards a collaborative approach, thinking of altruistic values ​​for humanity, leaving aside the competitive approach and developing, very especially, the qualities that cannot be replaced with digital mechanisms, complementing with the implementation of risk wages based on the results obtained, which h makes the compensation model fairer for shareholders and workers, including the management team; contributing to a business system that actively participates in Sustainability with more social justice.

According to said OG Mandino in a congress on trade for times of crisis, the world is and will continue being unjust; it corresponds to the good men, to do something to change the situation, for benefit of all humanity.

In the worldwide economic FORUM reunited in Davos (Swiss, 2003) the assistants concluded that the present situation of the world is fragile, complex, and dangerous. The crisis of confidence became a dominant factor in the scope of governments, institutions and companies reason why recommended arduous work to them in equipment with the academy to recover the ethics, the values, and very specially, the honesty.

The world must recover the confidence, which is fragile, difficult to establish, and easy to break itself, like steps fundamental to advance towards prosperity; the economic development this closely related to social progress, free commerce, and the good practices of authority. The governability is based on political legitimacy and this one is obtained if the progress is distributed in a balanced form.

A frontal attack against corruption is required, especially in the called institutions to instill confidence based on its transparency like the educative churches, police, institutions, the army, the collegiates bodies, and in general, of all the people who run some investiture, teaching with the example.

Let us know clearly that so that exists bribing she must have a briber, with but culpability probably depending on the interpretation that occurs to the dilemma that Sister raised Juana Ines De la Cruz: who freckle but, that pays by the freckle or who freckle by the payment? The lack of principles of some leaders, the cult to the easy money in the consumer society, and the laxity of the laws constitute an epidemic to eradicate.

the poor men of world-if they take care, become an enormous potential for the companies with the capacity of the idle plant. If not, they constitute themselves in the seed of fanaticism, intolerance, violence, and chaos, factors that attempt against the quality of life of the others.

China finishes in the last given to a passage in this sense quinquennial plan (2006-10) oriented to social justice and the adjustment of the distribution of the entrance in which it gives the greater importance him to reduce the poverty, to increase the use, to improve the conditions of life and for defending the environment.

Before the previous dilemma, one becomes urgent that the globalización is influencing and opens to spaces to the poor men generating as well as opportunities of growth with fairness.

The countries of smaller degrees of development require to improve their productivity for which they need the aid but developed, opening the doors to its products and offering them to consultant's office and capital in all its forms (intellectual, technology, money, etc).

It is very stimulating to register the advance that we have obtained in the level of productivity in the roster led by Finland in which his time indicates to us that we have many ways to cross in this aspect.

The companies must respect all the groups of interest and commit with the communities being preserved environment and respecting the values, to combine the interest deprived with the public well-being being contributed to improving the quality of life because, if the society is not viable, for obvious reasons the businesses are not it either.

According to C.K. Parlad, professor of strategy at the University of Michigan, exists a great opportunity to at the same time save humanity that can be made fortune. The greater potential market of the world is the consumers of smaller resources, which are considered in approximately 5,000 million. Their positioning is due to look for; in this one sector this whole to do.

The industrialists must take care of a mission that is to the inherent, based on their condition of leaders: the generation of worthy use, almost a natural right of all persons in terms of social justice. In addition, to execute the transformations necessary to increase the productivity and to make to prices that these potential consumers can buy. The emergent markets accept new technologies quickly; we must innovate with products that help to solve problems and to learn to enjoy doing it and in addition, obtaining utilities superior to the capital cost, which in his simpler expression constitutes the concept of generation of value in financial terms.

EVA = r - CC
It generates value ifi r > 0

r: Patrimonial yield
CC: Capital Cost

 = U + IyD + Po + Cp + S
P + Aj
- CC

U: Operative utility
IyD: Investments in investigation and development
Po: Investments in positioning
Cp: Investments in the human resource
S: Sustainability
P: Patrimony
Aj: Adjustments to the patrimony (of diverse kinds)

What is not moderate is, improvement and for that reason, we do not have ourselves to do it with the generation of value, independently of the type of organization. The important is to define clearly the appropriate indicators for the company in an individual because badly we could measure with he himself pattern to a company of anonymous investors who to a corporation of social interest or a state company.

The countable handling like so is a technique that is implemented relatively easily. The complex, which truly occupies us on this occasion, is the exposition of alternatives that allows us to create a culture of value generation, which in the highest proportion depends on the human resource.



If we obtained that they work happy concentrated in which they are doing, living the moment; here and now, with an oriented philosophy to satisfy the final consumer, that simple.

But the companies are part of the surroundings in which life is very complex in regard to the insecurity and the conflicts that are to each step, in addition, in some cases, of badly the treatment which we received the citizens from the institutions of the state until paying taxes.

In the Latin American Forum on security and citizen coexistence recently celebrated in Medellín one reached the conclusion that is a problem of multiple facets and that requires many actions of diverse nature to solve it.

To the state, it corresponds to him to recover spaces that serve as centers of encounter to create a coexistence atmosphere and to instill in its civil employees the elementary norms of respect which they deserve the citizens of those who direct them, which as well, would give all the moral authority them to demand it. In the same way, the people we must assume the conduct that corresponds to us, beginning with the search for inner peace.

A plan of a shock to reduce the liquor consumption to more moderate levels is urgent and to avoid all the negative sequels that it generates, a serious problem for a state barman, and problems of another type of drug noncontrolled by the state, if with the Licor as much conflict is generated.

Chapter of special attention into-family violence in where the seed of hatred is generated, being the most affected women and children.

When we spoke of these subjects is required to think about youth so neglected and with few spaces about a country that offers very counted opportunities to them, which induces them to take refuge in gangs to find recognition and approval with serious sequels, especially for the familiar atmosphere and serving as a negative example the children, who often are direct or indirect victims in other cases.

The sport and the culture constitute excellent mechanisms to attack the problem and to help to improve the quality of life, the reason why they deserve to be the center of attention of the government as far as concerns regulation and main directorate and to the industrialists like sponsors.

In Colombia, for example, the degree of confidence in the universities is remarkable, the president, Dr Alvaro Uribe Vélez, the catholic church and begins to perceive itself in I exercise, according to a survey made in Sept/05 by the IEPRI (International Institute of Political Studies and Relations) of the National University. Of great value for the country, the case of the president with “the sun to the back” and with a political class, political parties, and an administration of justice with very little credibility as it confirms he himself study. It is worth the trouble to endorse them so that they unite his capacities in an oriented effort of transformation to recover the confidence in the other national institutions.

But while this happens, which will take a long time because it requires policies of long term and they do not constitute the object of plates, medals, statues nor something similar, the industrialist must begin to develop in the environment productive centers that resist hostile means to that I have come referring to make of its organizations a pleasant place so that people become when getting to fulfill her workings.

Institute THE GREAT PLEASES TO WORK with seats in the EE.UU publishes a roster of the best companies to work in the world, which we could call companies “sky” which will be able to be given the luxury to choose the best collaborators by a desire to get to take care of them, in regard to its good reputation, which will as well increase its potential of value generation.

The institute affirms to know clearly evidence that they demonstrate a direct correlation between the best places to work and their results in terms of value generation and measure the confidence in the administration with base in the credibility, the respect, and the impartiality; the feelings of the employees, based on the pride to belong and the camaraderie.

In Colombia, headed by ADAMS are multinational companies, which gives a good idea of its contribution to the development, in addition to the great benefit for the consumers and according to report on his management in the country published by the magazine Money of Sept/05, it concludes that they are but profitable and better generating of cash as they recommend the modern finances emphatically.

They receive force intrepid actions as the participation would drive and in the results with risk wages, the representation in the boards of directors, the good Corporative Government, the valuation of the intellectual capital, and first of all, a human approach in the administration.

If we make an exposition of as much outpost, logically we must start off of a person with much human quality, the one who acquires itself from the maternal belly and she is developed in all its splendor in the first eight years of life as q.e.p.d in many scenes repeated Dn Reynaldo Arroyave Lopera. We are speaking of responsible paternity and maternity, which correspond but to the conscience that to legislation.

In a language of businesses, objectively of discovering and with a high degree of certainty the qualities of the person to contract it must constitute the first preoccupation of the industrialist because it is going to share with somebody, almost in conditions of partner, it must be very calm to the knowledge with that I know this involving. For it, the calls alternative sciences lend their aid with techniques little known but of unavoidable acceptance in regard to the results that show and of the technology, as the camera Kirlian that it allows seeing the dawn of the people. In that process of selection the confidence that begins to be generated we have talked about before and that according to the Ethos institute of Brazil, dedicated to helping the companies to improve its places of work, in twenty years of investigation, reached the conclusion that the confidence between heads and collaborator is the basic characteristic that defines the best companies, like the site to be used.

Logically, the personal quality must be complemented with the competitions that the position requires for which the person ties and whose dwell time will have to be budgeted in a maximum time of entailment, agreed with the hierarchic classification and its requirements to avoid stagnations that become brake for the development of the company. We cannot have people occupying a position of the low profile during an excessively long period of time because they become suffered or an indirect labor cost when finishing the work contract. A person who does not have a development potential flies a problem for the company.

The Academy, quite sometimes other people's to the practical field, must be reoriented to become jumbled but in the society and prepare people who know to face the challenges. The University must be moderate by the competition of withdrawn his and the good that their professors understand the enterprise world as Warren G. Venís and James O'Toole raise talking about to the EE.UU universities. The companies must as well open spaces to the students so that they can make their practices thus and, to clear the process.

In addition, it must be insisted on a holístico approach in the administration education to watch the company like a community of people, as it defined it recently passed away, Juan Pablo II, in the search of a general benefit that by all means must include social investment, because the private interest must be convergent with the communal property.

Strategic thought is fundamental in the formation of the executives and the academy already begins to prioritize the development of abilities and skills like the foreign capacity of negotiation and adaptation, leadership, languages, the conformation of value chains, and the logistics with programs specially developed for the circumstances of a company in individual, but with a global vision.

After a serious process of selection, it must be complemented with good training initiated by the vision, the institutional mission, and values complementing with the specific knowledge of the position. The periodic evaluation as a tool for improvement of the performance level and a component of the basic wage; the opportunities of personal growth and the good treatment conform surroundings for the happiness, the natural state of a mind heals and constitutes the departure point for the value generation.
All the others are susceptible to improve in the measurement that the companies have leaders inspired as it must be, based on service, based on the pronouncement of the Davos Forum in January/2020, talking about CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM that define the purpose of a company of the fourth industrial revolution: "to involve all stakeholders in the generation of shared and sustained value including local communities and society "and whose manifesto had a single objective: to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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